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  A 20 members Kickboxing Team under the leadership of Er. SS Harichandan, 8 Degree Black Belt taken part in the 1st World Martial Arts Council Games, 12-22 March 2015 in Bangkok.  
  The event is organised by  World Martial Arts Council ( World MAC) and sponsored by Sports & Tourism Dept. Of Govt. Of Thailand. There are more than 700 participants from 67 countries in various Martial Arts such as Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Taekwondo, Karate, Kyokushinkai, Kungfu, Jujitsu, Pencak Solar, Jeet  Kune do, Tangso do, Krabee Krabong, Arab Boxing  A-1, including Kickboxing.  
  The Indian Kickboxing Team own 5 Gold medals, 6 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals. Er. SS Harichandan acted as a Jury member along with Mr Mukeshar Rahman & Mr. Kamaleswar Baruah of Assam as Referee. Mr Mahesh Kushwah of MP acted as Coach . Rtn Kumar Devdut of Odisha acted as the Team Manager.  
  The Organising Committee arranged the sight seeing for all to Ayuthaya Historic Ancient City and Grand Dinner Party along with various Cultural shows and demonstrations. The team will back on 22 March 2015.  
  Gold medalists are:  
  1. Mr Abhijeet More - Maharastra Police, Crime Branch
2. Mr. Mithun Chakravarty - Odisha
3. Mr. Yashvardhan Anjana - MP
4. Miss Yashada Ready - Odisha
5. Miss Swapna Varian - Assam
  Silver Medalists are:  
  1. Mr. Sonu PRASAD Sonar - Odisha
2. Mr. Ankit Kumar Landry - UP
3. Miss Priyanka - MP
4. Mr Prince Jay - MP
5. Mr Arun Ajadiwal - Odisha
6. Mr Abhijeet More - Maharastra Police
7. Partha Pratim Rabha-Assam

  Bronze Medalists are:  
  1. Mr Balen Rabha - Assam
2. Mr Partha Pratim - Assam
3. Mr Hiranya Varian - Assam
4. Arun Ajadiwal - Odisha
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