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     WAKO has collaborated a three days Seminar on Tatami & Ring Sports for the Coaches, Referee & Judges successfully conducted by non other than the President of WAKO Dr. Ennio Falsoni assisted by the three times WAKO World Champion Mr. Emanuele Bozolani from Italy. Unfortunately the President of WAKO Asia Continental Division Mr. Nasser Nassiri could not make it to attend this event.
    This is for the first time such an International WAKO Seminar was organized in the South Asia Region from 08-10th August 2008 at Sports Authority of India(SAI) complex, Kolkata , India under the able leadership of the President of WAKO South Asia Engineer S.S. Harichandan, who is also the President of WAKO India(IAKO).
    There were about 82 participants from Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and India who enjoyed the physical as well as the official training for Coaches, Referee & Judges directly by the legend Dr. Falsoni with great spirit and received the Diploma on the the Closing Ceremony on 10th August 2008 at Sports Authority of India(SAI) complex, Salt Lake, Kolkata, India.
    Of course Dr. Falsoni and his wife including Mr. Bozzolani visited this great country for the first time and enjoyed each and every moment to their satisfaction.

Er. S.S. Harichandan
WAKO South Asia
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