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Kickboxing, introduced in India since 1993 by Shihan (Engineer) S.S. Harichandan, has found its way to became the most popular Martial Art Sport after Karate. This non traditional Martial Art provides a common platform to all kinds of Martial artists irrespective of their style and organisation. It is also considered to be the most advanced and toughest Martial Art Sport after Boxing. However there are different divisions to entertain the Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low Kick and Thai Kick fighters besides Musical Forms & Aerokickboxing. Kickboxing today is attracting maximum number of youth from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India. Since its inception under the banner of World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO), the largest International Federation promoting and controlling kickboxing in more than 100 countries in five continents. The popularity of this noble game is just growing and growing world wide.


Kanta Singh(Assam Rifles)
National PRO Champion Men 60kg FC

Every efforts are there to include Kickboxing in the agenda of Olympics soon. However more than 30 National Kickboxing Federations of WAKO are already recognised by either National Olympic Committee or Ministry of Sports of their respective county. Congratulations to the President of WAKO Dr. Ennio Falsoni for his able leadership.

In India, within this short span of time IAKO promoted and established Kickboxing in more than 28 States through its member State/Ut's/Units besides Armed/Police Forces. Twelve National Championships were already conducted in different parts of the country and produced quite a good number of National Champions. Indian Team is also regularly taking part in the World/International Championships and bagged medals. An early recognition is expected from the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Govt. of India and Indian Olympic Association. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the founder of WAKO India (IAKO) Engineer S.S. Harichandan, International Referee/Judge of Kickboxing, Wushu & Karatedo. It is observed that the technical abilities of the Indian Kickboxers has been improved significantly in comparison to the WAKO standard. The fighters are really facing a tough time to achieve a medal in our National Ring, especially in Full Contact, Low Kick and Thaikick sections.


R.K.Falguni(Manipur) New National PRO Champion Men 70kg FC

Most of the National Champions hold their Titles consecutively for many years. Now the question arises, what is the next for them? Besides the Amateur part Dr. Falsoni has provided the WAKO Professional Ring to Kickboxers like Boxing under the banner of WAKO-Pro since 1991. The WAKO National Presidents are representing WAKO-Pro in their respective countries. Today WAKO-Pro has been produced the most talented and toughest Professional World Champions in Kickboxing in the most safest manner.

Hence the time has come to introduce the Professional Ring in India, which not only allow to our Champions to enter in the WAKO-Pro section in International level but provide the scope to improve their financial standard as a career. The professional section of Kickboxing shall be promoted under the banner of IAKO-Pro under the leadership of Engineer S.S. Harichandan, which has nothing to do with the amateur part of IAKO.

IAKO-Pro is representing the WAKO-Pro in India to promote and control the Professional Ranking in Kickboxing activities in the country and will take part in International activities. The National Ranking shall be maintained as per the guidelines of WAKO-Pro.


Atul Ghule(Maharastra) Three Times National PRO Champion
Men 85kg FC (3-0,2K0)

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