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                                                MAHARASHTRA KICKBOXING ASSOCIATION
Member:                                                        Regd No. MAH/242/2001/PUNE

Indian Association of Kickboxing Organisations (IAKO)
[Recog. By – Shool Games Federation of India (SGFI) & Association of Indian University (AIU)
Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India & Indian Olympic Association (IOA) ]
WAKO Asian Kickboxing Federation
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World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO)
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Pravin Lunkad J Y Umaranikar IPS C A Tamboli   C G Daithnkar  Rajlaxmi Bhosale
Chief Patron President Working President Sr. Vice President Vice President
Industrialist Addl.D. G. P. M / S International   Referee DCP Thane Mayor of Pune

      Hon. S.S.Harichandan
       President AIKO
       Chairman Technical Council.

Subject: - Report of 54th SGFI School National Kickboxing Championship, Solapur, Maharashtra
                Dated 29th –31st Jan.2009.


Respected Sir,
                        It brings me great pleasure and happiness to inform you that the 54th SGFI School National Kickboxing Championship dated from 29th to 31st Jan 2009 venued at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium Solapur was successfully accomplished. There were in all 13 State Teams Participated from all over India. Facing all the previous hurdles regarding the Championship taken to be in Mumbai which was very tough, but though with the grace of God it was than venued to take at Solapur.

All the Officials and volunteers performed to there best to make the event a grand success of which the report is being sent along with Secretary General Mr. Montu Das. Specially along with Mr. Montu Das, Mr.Praduman Behra and Mr.Sayeed Alam made the best of there ability to make this Grand event a big success. But as every coin has two sides, Delhi State Team Coach Mr. Rawat regularly interrupted the ring Thrice and missed behaved with referee and stopped the working of ring and made comments that the officials of IAKO are not qualified for SGFI National and threaten the officials against Honorable Satpalji President (SGFI) and also stated that Kickboxing will be Excluded from SGFI in future. It is recommended that to take necessary legal and appropriate action against such behavior.

                    Finally the championship was completed with Grand success and Happiness.

Thanking You 

                                                                                                                     Your Sincerely
                                                                                                                       C A Tamboli
                                                                                                            Secretary Technical IAKO
                                                                                                             Working President MKBA


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