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  Organised by : OLYMPIC  COUNCIL  OF  ASIA Teams will take part through NOC  

          1st Asian Martial Arts Game is scheduled to be organized by OCA on 25th April-3rd May 2009 at Bangkok, Thailand is post poned to 06-14th June 2009 at sam venue. Kickboxing is a competition event  along with Judo, Jujitsu, Karatedo, Kurash, Muaythai, Pencat Silat, Taekwondo and Wushu. National Teams  shall take part only through their concerned National Olympic Committee and Asian Federations.  Accordingly IAKO has been assigned officially by Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and WAKO ASIA to select the Indian Kickboxing Team to take part in this historic event.

IOA have already written to the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for approval in principle for participating in this game. In case the Sports Ministry does not clear any sport at cost to Government the Federation concerned has to meet the cost of Air Travel, Ceremonial Dress, Competition uniform and Accommodation and Boarding charges per day per person. As IAKO has been agreed to the above condition all our member associations sponsored their selected participants by organizing the fund from their own sources.
To select the Indian Team a Selection Trial Camp was held on 27-28th Feb’09 hosted by All Orissa Kickboxing Association(AOKA) at Pumas Sports Complex, Bhubaneswar Orissa The final list of participats is as follows.
  Laxman Koli Maharastra Full Contact(FC) 71kg
  Sanjay Katode Maharastra FC 75kg
  Mohit Bhardwaj Delhi Low Kick(LK) 57kg
  Arun Singh J & K LK 71kg
  Rajesh Dalal Haryana LK 81kg
  Laxmi Tyagi Delhi LK ( women ) 52kg
  Heena Nasreen Delhi FC ( women ) 56kg


  Technical Official Er.  S.S. Harichandan Orissa
  Team Manager Mr. Montu Das West Bengal
  Coach Mr. Mohan Singh Maharastra

A coaching Camp has been organized by IAKO for the selected participants in Delhi from 15-24th April’09 hosted by Delhi Kickboxing Association(IAKO Delhi) headed by its President Mr. Raj Singh and General Secretary Mr. Harsh Dahiya. The camp conducted by the National Coach Mr. Mohan Singh(Maharastra) under the guidance of Technical Directors Mr. Sayeed Alam(MP) and Mr. Montu Das(WB) successfully


Another Training Camp is scheduled to be held in SAI Complex, Kolkata hosted by Kickboxing Association of WB(IAKO WB) before 10days of departure of the Indian team to Bangkok


Indian Association of Kickboxing Organisations ( IAKO ) represented by its Chairman - Shri Raj Singh, President - Shri S.S. Harichandan and Secretary General - Shri Montu Das having its National H.Q. at IAKO, B-2/4, Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751001, Orissa, Telefax-0674-2392119, Mob-9937009677, , is the only member National Federation from India representing the International Federation i.e. WAKO and WAKO ASIA and promoting/controlling Kickboxing in the country since 1994.


IAKO has been successfully conducting National Championship for Sub Juniors, Juniors and Seniors Men & Women in a very regular manner since 1995 in which Teams from all over the country taking part through the member State Associations in a huge number. The events were successfully conducted in J&K, Punjab, Nagaland, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, WB, Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Tamilnadu, etc. in a true National spirit successfully.


Indian Teams are successfully representing the India by taking part in various International Championships and winning medals for the country. Among them Mr. Sushil Kumar from Orissa won a Bronze medal in the Cadets/Junior World Championship IN 2004 IN Italy. The Indian Kickboxers own one Silver and one Bronze medals in the World Cadets Championship was held in Italy in 2008. Indian Team own several medals in the 2nd Asian Indoor games was held in Macau in 2007 organised by Olympic Council of Asia.


During a press meet organized by DKA(IAKO Delhi ) on 22nd April,09 at CSOI, Kasturaba Marg, New Delhi Mr. raj Singh, President, DKA, Mr. Harsh Dahiya, Gen. Secy., DKA, Mr. Shri Bhagwan, Treasure, DKA, Engineer S.S. Harichandan, President, IAKO, Mr. Montu Das, Secy. General, IAKO, Mr. Raj Khatib of Maharastyra Police, Mr. Mohan Singh, National Coach among all other players were present.


The last and Final Training Camp for the Indian Team is scheduled to be held from 26-31 July 2009 at SAI Kolkata hosted by KAWB(IAKO WB). The team will leave from Netaji Subhash Bose International Airport on 1st August 2009 for Bangkok and back on 10th Aug’09.


Shri K.P Singh Deo, President, PCC Orissa & Chairman, Sports Development Commission, IOA
As the Chief Guest during the Selection Trial Camp of Indian Kickoxing Team at Bhubaneswar on 28 Feb’2009

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